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The Easiest Way To Double Your Online Store’s Sales (For Free)
While there are many quick-win tricks that promise to double your e-commerce sales, most of them won’t ever live up to the claim. However, there is one really small thing you can implement that will turn one lonely sale into another sale, and then another, and so on. Can you guess what it might be?

Gratitude Will Increase Your E-Commerce Sales

If you hadn’t guessed from the title of this section the answer is gratitude.
Ok, I’m not getting all woowoo on you, and saying that every morning you need to wake up and thank the universe for doubling your future sales (although I can’t see why that wouldn’t help if it puts you in the right frame of mind, and you bounce into the morning with renewed vigour).
No, I’m talking about thanking your customers for supporting your business, trusting your products and taking a chance spending their hard earned money at your online store.
Have you ever really thought about how special each sale you make really is?
Of all the shops on the vast internet, that buyer chose to shop at yours.
+ They trusted you wouldn’t steal their money and fail to deliver.
+ They believed in the quality of your products despite not being able to see them in real life.
+ At every point in the sales process they made a conscious decision to support your independent business rather than give more money to the faceless internet retailing giants.
It’s such a beautiful thing when you think of it like that!
So let me ask you this…
When was the last time you thanked your buyers for their trust and custom?

The Power Of Gratitude

If your not sure what gratitude is, it’s that feeling of thankfulness and appreciation that makes you feel awesomely positive.
Back in 2007, Robert Emmons started researching the psychological aspects of gratitude. He discovered that expressing gratitude impacts all aspects of happiness. It improves mental, physical and relational well-being – basically all the good stuff.
Below is a list of all the amazing benefits you’ll get from adding a sprinkling of gratitude into your daily life:

Physical Benefits of Gratitude

Stronger immune systems
Less sick days when your an entrepreneur without sick pay is always a good thing.
Less bothered by aches and pains
• Lower blood pressure
• Exercise more and take better care of overall health
Movement and fresh air give you clarity of mind, enabling you to smash any business challenge.
• Sleep longer and feel more refreshed upon waking
Good sleep is EVERYTHING!

Psychological Effects of Gratitude

• Higher levels of positive emotions
Feeling good feels really good 🙂
• More alert, alive, and awake
And less need for coffee.
• More joy and pleasure
Running an online business shouldn’t feel like a drag. If you’d wanted to feel like that you would get a corporate job.
• More optimism and happiness
Trusting in a happy fulfilled future enables us to push through harder times.

Social Perks of Gratitude

• More helpful, generous, and compassionate
It’s lovely to help others.
• More forgiving
Holding onto negative emotions only drags you down. Let go of all the bad feelings.
• More outgoing
You’ll feel much more comfortable shouting about your amazing business from the metaphorical rooftops.
• Feel less lonely and isolated
So many of us are working at home, alone. Expressing gratitude will help us feel connected to our customers and other business owners. We are all here to support and raise each other up.
Thank you

How to Boost Your Sales with an Attitude of Gratitude

As a customer, it can often seem like all businesses are faceless machines just wanting more and more of your hard-earned money. And yes, there are plenty of mega-businesses out there who treat customers only as numbers on a spreadsheet instead of real people.
Thankfully, as a small business you know just how important each and every one of those customers is to you.
They aren’t just anonymous numbers to you.
They are Claire who wish-listed your heart necklace 10 months ago and has been steadily saving to be able to buy it for her mum.
They are James who just became a father for the first time and bought your nursery artwork to decorate the walls of his beautiful baby daughters bedroom.
You know their stories, but do they know yours?
Do they know that your passionate about painting and their purchase has enabled you to continue creating?
That you added that necklace to your online store because it made you smile, and you hope it brings them the same joy?
I recently spoke to the CEO of a British e-commerce platform that brings together independent brick and mortar stores. He said that he actively encourages stores that sell through his online platform to include handwritten notes thanking customers for their order. This is because there is a direct correlation between customers who receive a note of thanks, and those who return to make further purchases. 
Basically by saying thank you, you can turn a one-time customer into a repeat purchaser and brand advocate.
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Ways To Include More Gratitude In Your Online Business

Here are some of my favourite ways to add a little thankfulness to a business each and every day. Try and implement at least a few of these into the running of your online store and I promise you’ll not only see an increase in sales but your mindset will become more positive.

Write A Daily Gratitude Journal

Writing down a daily journal of all the things you are grateful for is a beautiful way to contemplate and recognise the great things in your life.

Having a bad day? When you write about it, try and reframe the experience, focusing on what you’ve learnt, how you’ll grow and use language that’s positive.

Include Handwritten Thank You Notes With Orders

I mentioned earlier how adding a little note expressing thanks to your customers can encourage them to become repeat purchasers.

I know your busy, and adding this to your ever growing to do list may feel impossible, especially on high volume sales days. If that’s the case, just promise yourself that you’ll write notes to at least the first 10 customers each day.

Each note needn’t be more than a line or two, it’ll just take a few seconds.

And for those of you with handwriting resembling a toddlers scrawl (like me!), try not to worry. It’s the thought that counts rather than the legibility – plus practise makes perfect.

Make A Love Folder Or Thank You Board

Every time you get a glowing review, or a customer shares how much they love your store on social media SAVE IT! It’ll help you remember why you started this business during challenging times.

I have a folder on my computer filled with wonderful mentions of my business that makes me glow with happiness every time I open it. If your a more visual person, print them out and stick ‘em to your office wall. Whatever works for you.

Treat Yourself Once In A While

All those late nights, headaches and challenges you pushed yourself to overcome – they led to that sale!

So, take time to thank yourself for all your hard work.

Book yourself a celebratory spa day once in a while, indulge in your favourite dinner, or as I do, use a subscription flower delivery service to send yourself beautiful blooms with a thank you note attached every few months.

Forgive The Difficult Customers

Yes, even those nit-picking, headache inducing, snooty customers are worth sending gratitude vibes to.

After all, without them you wouldn’t be able to keep improving and growing. Trust me, by recognising the value in those less than lovely customers, you will erase soooo much daily stress.

Pay It Forward

Supporting other independent online businesses, even your competitors, is a really great way to feel good.

Give them a shout out on your social media accounts, let customers know about brands who share your ethos that they’ll also love, and shop independently yourself.

Remember How Far You Have Come

I’m going to hazard a guess that a year ago your business wasn’t doing as well as it is today. Yes, you might not have grown your sales as quickly as you’d hoped, but just look at all the steps forward you have taken.

Feel thankful for finding a way through those ups and downs, and for the new exciting challenges that arrive every time your business up levels.

Use Positive Language

Changing the language you use has a huge effect on how you feel about a situation. Instead of focusing on negative emotions, use positive turns of phrase to redefine the moment.

So, there’s only one thing left for me to say…. THANK YOU! Thank you for reading to the end of this article, allowing me 10 minutes of your precious time and trusting in the value of gratitude to add sales to your business.

As always, I’d love to hear your stories about how adding a splash of gratitude to your day has made a difference to your business. Let me know in the comments below.

Much love,

Elizabeth Drew

Elizabeth Drew

Elizabeth Drew is a British e-commerce entrepreneur and coach. She is the owner of online scented candle retailer Osmology and is passionate about helping women realise their online business goals.

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Elizabeth Drew

Elizabeth Drew

Elizabeth Drew is a British e-commerce entrepreneur and coach. She is the owner of online scented candle retailer Osmology and is passionate about helping women realise their online business goals.

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